Myers-Briggs, Tribing

Possible Positions Per Personality Type 

ISFJ – maintainer of existing diplomatic conditions and defender of tradition and tribal history 


INTP – theorizer and synthesizer of complex new ideas to be tested out by the tribe 

ENTP – explorer in extra-tribal areas, figuring out if other individuals and tribes are accepting of the “native” tribe 

INFJ – scout of new diplomatic relationships at the personal, tribal, and world level

ENFJ – trainer and teacher of new methods of action for the foreseeable future 


ESTP – promotor of tribal identity to individuals, other tribes, and the world; energy in motion moving towards new territory and achieving within it 


ENTJ – giver of the “go ahead” for strategic, next-step moves for the future of the tribe 

ISFP – designer of brands and culture for circulation within the tribe 

ESFP – unveiler and exhibitor of new cultural trends


ESTJ – management of cultural traditions and norms in their everyday functions 

INFP – expansion of tribal identity by creation of newly fabricated universes within the tribal culture itself 

ENFP – explorer within the tribal sphere, bringing up new possibilities within the tribe that go beyond the existing framework of the tribe 

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INFJ & INTJ Power Supply 

INFJs and INTJs are called kindred types within Socionics. They are kindred because they share the dominant use of Ni. 

Due to inferior Se, both types have a tendency to move through society based on diplomatic allegiances. 

Let’s consider the Chinese character for The Dao. “Dao” consists of two parts – movement and intelligence. The Dao is an intelligent movement. A glimpse of the Dao can be seen by the duality of Ni and Se. Ni is the intelligence, and Se is the movement. 

Both INFJs and INTJs have a vision of an ideal future. The difference is how they go about getting there. Both types, as noted before, focus on key diplomatic allegiances to achieve their vision. 

“No man rules alone.” 

In CGP Grey’s YouTube video entitled “3 Rules for Rulers” CGP Grey explains that an INTJ way of strategizing diplomacy. 


Triber: Scientist, Mystic, and Friend

Just as it is important to scientifically test theories of tribing and getting people to work together towards specific goals, and just as it is important to pick up clues from the unconscious of your tribe, it is important to always remember the third necessity of tribing: friendship. 

Being a triber is not being the head of a human resources department. Being a triber is being a member of a group of tightly knit friends. Humans are not resources; humans have resources. In a tribe, the members share these resources together in ways that the business culture we are used to have never integrated. 

Humans are the fundamental element of the tribe. It is not getting the job done, although certain members of the tribe will make sure that that happens. It is not the tribal vision or direction, although certain members will take care of those, too. It is not the money, not the image, not anything produced by the tribe. It is the tribe itself that is of utmost importance. And the tribe is made of people. 

The triber must be a scientist to make sure that their ideas actually work in the real world. 

The triber must be a mystic in that they notice secrets of the tribe from its members and from the environment. 

The triber must be a friend, remembering always that the tribe wins together, loses together, and is ultimately a self-sustaining unit that is held together by love. 


Tribing, Experimentation, and Ethics

​”It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are. If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.” 

― Richard P. Feynman

Tribing must be done scientifically. If it is not done scientifically, it can quickly sink into the unethical. Whatever maps and theories you use, you have to verify them with your own research. Otherwise, you’re just feeding your own delusion. 

Testing relationship types and models, no matter what theories you’re testing out, requires extraverted movements. It requires actually doing the things you envision. The vision may be beautiful in your mind, and you may be high on recent successes, but the vision still has to be carried out into the real world in order to be worth anything at all. 

If it is simply a vision that you cannot get rid of, make some art with it. Write a song, write a poem, or draw a picture. Tribing is an artistic expression of living; you and your tribe paint the world together. Never forget that you are in control, but only of what you do as an individual. If your tribe achieves something, it is your tribe’s achievement as a whole. You are a part of the co-creation process, not the sole creator. No matter how far you have come, always give credit where credit is due. 

Tribing is not about advancing your own interests by using other people. It is about teamwork. If you win, it is because your tribe has won. Remember to keep in mind that tribing, and all of human interaction in general, is about forming win-win situations with people you love. If your tribe succeeds, and it is win-win all around, you have achieved not only success, but good ethics